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Love, Hate and Irony, Chapter 2

Posted on 2010.10.20 at 16:58
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Hey, thanks for the amazing reviews! I really appreciate them. Please keep them coming. Sorry for not writing in so long but I planned on writing this weekend, but had a violent allergy attack and almost had to go to the hospital. But I am recovering and you deserve a chapter, so here ya go!
Click here to go to chapter 1!
Harmony listened to light sound of Tony's footsteps down the long hallway....Collapse )
Well, yes, a premature fight and makeup, but it’s just a prequel to further fights and makeups. Anyways, please leave comments! Just think what’s gonna happen when Pepper gets back! The more you review the more I write, so please review. Me likey reviews, and lots of them!
Hope you’re enjoying the story. I hope to have an update up soon.


Iron Vows, Chapter 13

Posted on 2010.10.08 at 23:41
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Hope you're happy I updated! I haven't gotten a lot of response lately probably because I lost you guys because I didn't update for so long! Well here is another update.

To start at the VERY beginning go to: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6179719/1/Iron_Heart
To start at the beginning of this sequel, go to: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6258891/1/Irow_Vows

And don't forget to check out my newest story, Love, Hate and Irony. Here is the link. Please read and review! And check out my new story here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6375085/1/Love_Hate_and_Irony
And, as always, ENJOY!

"You're ten cents short buddy," the African-American bus driver looked incuriously at Tony's singed thousand dollar jeans and ripped tee-shirt stained with his blood.Collapse )
Please review! Reviews keep me going. Tony should be okay, don't worry!




Love, Hate and Irony, Chapter 1

Posted on 2010.10.05 at 01:38
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Okay, I'm starting a new fanfic! Don't worry, Iron Vows is still going!
Genre: humor and romance
Characters: Tony and OC.
Summary: Pepper went and is assigned Tony an intern without telling him! Worst of all, she knows exactly how to handle Tony. What would you do if you spent a long summer with Tony Stark full of love, hate and irony?Tony/OC, sorry for the crappy summary.
Harmony Clay took a deep breath. She could almost taste the rest of her life right in front of her. Harvard professor. Bio-physist. Hell, she could do anything if she didn't screw this up...Collapse )
My first Tony/OC fanfiction. Did you likey? Please please leave a comment, they make me happy! Concrit is greatly welcomed.

Pepperony Comic

Iron Vows, Chapter 12

Posted on 2010.10.03 at 00:55
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Okay, here is the deal. I haven't been on LJ but a week, I've had this story going on for months. It is two books long. To start at the VERY beginning go to: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6179719/1/Iron_Heart
To start at the beginning of this sequel, go to: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6258891/1/Irow_Vows
And, as always, ENJOY!

A cool breeze cast Tony's wayward glossy brown hair across his wide forehead...Collapse )

Don't worry, Tony's NOT hurt, but maybe he'll learn to drive the speed limit. And he might just have to ride the bus. Yes! The next chapter may have some levity. Please leave comments. I welcome all constructive criticism, tips or encouragement.


My Writing

Posted on 2010.10.02 at 02:49
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Poll #1626628 My Writing

What Do I Need to Work on Most in My Writing?

Descriptions/Story "Beef"
Character/Plot Development
Other (if so leave a comment)

Don't be embarrassed, you can be brutually honest with me.


iPod Shuffle Meme

Posted on 2010.10.01 at 23:28
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I stole this from nani1986. You are also welcome to repost this.

Put your iPod IPhone on SHUFFLE and let it answer the questions. 
Here it is!Collapse )

Obey the Downey

Iron Heart, Chapter 3

Posted on 2010.09.28 at 15:15
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"You…aren't a hard man to find, Mr. Stark, surprisingly," the capture smiled evilly, his left eye twitching slightly...Collapse )

Elegance in a Downey

My Corner of Paradise, July 28th, 2010

Posted on 2010.09.28 at 10:08
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Volume I
Drabbling...more or less...
Saichick suggested I have some "me time" to write, and you're in on it.
The breeze floats gently across the pond, smoothing ripples from the murky gray fabric of the water. It softly brushes my silky bangs off my wide forehead and tickles my cheeks. The grass is strangely satisfying to me as the soaking dew penetrates my pant legs. I am a mere mortal, partaking in the warm beauty and dark mystique of this quiet earth. How do these things do their daily duties and stay unnoticed? The flowers bloom, the dragonfly skids across the water, and the wind plays, skittering across where it may and laughing to itself.
I remove my jacket and let the hot sun caress my back, and the breeze kiss my cheeks, a beautiful embrace from nature. 
For a moment, everything in silent in my corner of paradise...

My simple therapy is now a series on my LJ, "My Corner of Paradise". Hope you likey.

Posted on 2010.09.28 at 09:44
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Poll #1624966 Facial Hair

What is Your Favorite Type of Facial Hair on Robert Downey Jr?

Scruffy (Sherlock-Style)
Goatee (Tony-Style)
Clean Shaven
Full Beard

I mean, I know they're all beautiful but which one do you like the most personally?


Iron Heart, Chapter 2

Posted on 2010.09.28 at 08:53
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The air was humid and musty. All Tony could see was a string of dim lights through the burlap bag that had been shoved over his head...Collapse )

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